Sweet and Savory Kumquat, Avocado, Radish, Dried Cherry salad with passionfruit vinaigrette

When I was growing up our neighbors had a kumquat tree that to this day is incredibly generative and has the best tasting kumquats.  Kumquats bring back beautiful childhood memories of running around the neighborhood and freely picking the deliciously sweet and tart abundant kumquats.  So yesterday, towards the end of a long training run, I wanted to put them in a salad and came up with this sweet and savory salad where the sweetness from the dried cherries and passionfruit vinaigrette nicely counterbalanced some of the tart flavors induced by the kumquats and radish.  And then the creamy avocado and slivered almonds add some nice creamy and crunch texture to the mix to create an overall delicious salad!

1. 1 large bag of mixed salad greens
2.  Handful of kumquats diced into quarters
3. 1 medium to large avocado, sliced into small pieces
4. Handful of dried cherries  – I’m loving Costco’s Kirkland dried cherries now
5. 3-4 radishes sliced into small slices
6. Handful of slivered almonds (toasted or not toasted- up to you)
7. Salt and pepper to taste

1. 2 tbsp olive oil
2. 1 tbs balsamic vinegar
3. Passionfruit mustard – This can be admittedly hard to find.  We got some from Aunty Lillikoi brand on a recent trip to Hawaii that we have almost entirely devoured.  If you can’t find this, you can just add regular mustard and sweeten with some honey.

1. Add ingredients 1-6 to a large salad bowl
2. Stir vinaigrette until all ingredients mix well and right before serving mix into the salad and coat well/toss.
3. Sprinkle with some salt and pepper to taste.


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