Sriracha Hemp Seed Kale Chips

Today I did a spicy, nutty twist on a classic kale chip recipe by adding Sriracha and hemp seeds, and this is one of my favorite kale chip flavors to date (ties with cheesy cashew topping – I’ll post that one soon!). While I prefer my chips made in a dehydrator, if you don’t have one, you can adapt to make them in the oven at 300 degrees for about 25 minutes.
1. 1 bunch of curly kale 
2. 2 tbsp olive oil
4. 1 tbsp cashew butter
5. 1 tbsp sriracha 
6. 1/4 cup hemp seeds
7. sea salt
1. Wash and dry kale
2. Cut into chip sized pieces and place in a large bowl.
3. To make the sauce, in a separate small bowl or ramekin, mix the olive oil, cashew butter, and sriracha.  If the cashew butter is cold, you might want to heat up the mixture in a small saucepan so everything mixes well.
4. Pour the sauce on top the kale and lovingly massage into kale so it is well coated
5. Pour hemp seeds on top – massage in.
6. Top with generous sprinkles of sea salt
7. Before placing in the dehydrator or oven, taste it and see if you want to change anything (add more sriracha to dial up heat, add more salt, etc.)
8. If you are dehydrating, place in dehydrator on 135 degrees for 4 hours and turn over midway at the 2 hour mark.

Double hemp kale chips

This post is inspired by my awesome friend, Rony Alcaly, who owns a groovy hemp clothing store in Santa Monica called Vital Hemp. Before I entered the corporate world post business school, I briefly worked with Rony selling hemp clothing at farmers markets and festivals.  During that summer, I not only fell in love with hemp clothing for its soft feel and durability, but also got into infusing food with hemp seeds and hemp oil. Hemp seeds and oils infuse dishes with a nutty flavor and deliver a heatlhy punch since they are high in protein and essential fatty acids.  These double hemp kale chips are 2x ‘hempy’ since I use both hemp seed oil and hemp seeds.  To balance the intense flavor of hemp oil, I mix it with cashew butter and Braggs amino acids to make a savory sauce that I massage the kale in before liberally coating the kale with hemp seeds – making them ready for dehydration (or baking if you don’t have a dehydrator).  I have tried tons of kale recipes and this is one of my favorite yet.  Enjoy!

1. 1 bunch Lacinto kale
2. 2 tbsp hemp seed oil (I used Nutiva which I found at Costco)
3. 1 tbsp cashew butter
4. 1 tbsp Bragg’s amino acid
5. sea salt
6. 1/4- 1/2 cup hemp seeds

1. Rinse kale and after drying, cut into chip-like pieces.  Set aside in a medium bowl.
2. In a small bowl, mix ingredients #2-5 to make the sauce.  You can play around with the ratio of cashew butter to hemp seed oil depending on how much you like Hemp’s naturally nutty flavor.  One mixed, coat the kale in the sauce and pour hemp seeds on top.  Massage the sauce and seeds into the kale.
3. Dehydrate on 120 for ~3-4 hours.  You’ll know they are done when they taste crispy.  If they are still moist from the sauce, leave them to dehydrate longer.

Here’s to a healthy start to 2015!