Strawberry watermelon basil coconut smoothie

My boyfriend Marcus planted basil in our garden recently, which is a great accompaniment to watermelon in both salads and juices.  I got some yummy mini organic seedless watermelons from Costco, and used them with a couple of strawberries, some fresh Thai coconut water and some basil to make this delicious juice.  It’s naturally very sweet from the coco water and watermelon so no added sweeteners are needed.  


1. 1/2 mini seedless watermelon
2. 1/2 1 large Thai coconut water (you can substitute 8 oz. of coconut water from canned coconut if you can’t find or open fresh ones)
3. 2-3 large strawberries 
4. 1/2 lime 
5. 4 large basil leaves
1. Cut up watermelon and strawberries and place in blender
2. Open Thai coconut (we use the coco jack to do so, which makes it easy) and pour in 1/2 of the coconut juice contents 
3. Squeeze in 1/2 lime juice directly
4. Add basil leave
5. Blend until all ingredients are well blended into juice
Makes 1 large juice or 2 smaller juices.  Enjoy!!! 

Refreshing watermelon heirloom tomato avo salad

1. Greens of your choice (I used Organic Girl’s “Super Greens” mix)
2. 1-2 diced heirloom tomatoes
3. Watermelon – I diced up about 2 slices
4. 1/2 avocado sliced
5. 2 diced radishes
6. chopped mint or basil to top

1. Lay bed of greens
2. Top with all ingredients
3. For dressing you can make a simple balsamic olive oil mix or add some lime, honey, chipotle (or other hot spice) and of course salt and pepper to balsamic and olive to give it more of a latin kick